The residual value of your minibus is a vital part of your business plan. This means not only knowing what is a realistic price but knowing how to obtain it. Minibusales have vast lists of contacts in the world of minibuses and can use them to find the correct customer for your used bus.

The time to act is before you place your order as we will give you a free opinion as to the value you might reasonaly expect to realise for your mininbus should we find you a buyer. This then allows you to plan the financing of your new bus around the expected residual value of your old one.

To use this service, contact us by e-mail or 'phone with a description of what you have to sell. We will then advertise the bus on this web site and by e-mail alerts to potential customers who wish to be kept informed of such offers.

The enquiry is free and there is no obligation to use our service following our estimate of residual value. A bus offered through this serivice may be withdrawn at any time should you find another buyer. This service is available to anyone with a bus to sell, even if the new replacement bus was not supplied by ourselves.

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